We have access to thousands of cars via national trade auctions where we hold a premium members card. This means we have full access to industry pricing, condition & mechanical assessments and reduced buying fees. In fact the saving on fees usually covers our fee alone. 

We have a clear and transparent fee of £450 plus VAT (20%).


It’s a straight forward process, and we can go at a pace you are comfortable with. However please bear in mind, it’s a fast paced industry and you may only have a few days to make a decision. 

STEP 1: Get in touch. We prefer to see you face to face to give you a feel of how things work, however we understand we’re all busy people, so feel free to drop us an email here first. You'll need to tell us the following: 


> Make/Model/Engine

> Preferred mileage

> Colour(s)

> Spec must haves

> Budget range


STEP 2: Potential Cars. We'll send you some potential cars that match your request. This will include CAP and Glass guides for the cars, a mechanical report (produced in partnership with the AA), and a conditional report. 

The above is an example for a 2011 Bentley Continental GT. 

Screenshot 2019-01-20 at 16.25.08.png
Guide pricing
Screenshot 2019-01-20 at 16.25.58.png
Mechanical assessment
Screenshot 2019-01-20 at 16.26.14.png
Condition survey

STEP 3: Auction Day. Once you have decided on a car, the auction day will soon be upon us. They'll be some paper work to sign, clearly stating we are buying the car on your behalf, and that you have made the decision on the car yourself. (We have to cover ourselves as there have been many horror stories).


We will also require the money to be paid to us in full prior to us bidding. In some circumstances we may be able to fund the vehicle for you for a few days, allowing you to use our finance facilities. However this will depend on the value of the vehicle and be at our discretion. Please note, we will need pay the auction house for the car before any finance can be arranged. 

Once the car has been paid for, depending on its location, it will be delivered to our premises. This is at a cost of; up to 200 miles £104 + VAT, 201 to 300 miles £156 + VAT, 301 to 400 miles £208 + VAT, Over 400 miles price on application (+VAT)

STEP 4: Collection day. Head over, collect your car, and be chuffed you've saved thousands.